About Jeffo Nesta

Jeffo Nesta is a singer/songwriter from Ballynanty in the beautiful city of Limerick, Ireland.  He writes songs, records them and tries to perform them…that’s it!  If you want to know a bit more about him, read on…

He grew up in the north side of the city listening to Bob Marley, UB40 and The Wolfe Tones.  Great tunes with strong social messages blaring across theses large housing estates was commonplace.  This healthy mix of genres would later influence Jeffo Nesta’s songwriting and encourage him to write songs reflecting his own experiences.

After teaching himself some chords on the guitar, he’d play to whoever would listen to him.  Sitting in Whelan’s pub every Sunday with his Distillery FC teammates, they would sing their favourite songs and after a while, he’d gradually introduced some of his own.  A regular crowd would gather for a mighty sing-song.

However, performance and broadcasting of his original songs took a back seat for a few years.  The old rat-race took hold and bills needed to be paid.  He got himself a dead-end job and joined numerous cover bands.  He played gigs in bars, hotels, weddings, funerals and holiday resorts around Ireland, Europe & the U.S.  This was a great experience for him as he learned about performance and showmanship while playing to different audiences around the world.

Eventually, after much soul searching, he decided to put his own music out in to the world again.  He left his miserable job and focused on his music (while playing shitty cover gigs to keep the wolves from the door!).  He decided on the name “Jeffo Nesta” – using Bob Marley’s middle name “Nesta” as a salute to the great man.

About The Music

In 2014 and with the help of some good friends, he recorded ten of his songs and called the album “Circus Dances.” It’s a mixed-genre collection of socially-aware, easy-listening tunes.  Folk, rock and reggae with groovy bass-lines, uplifting brass riffs and harmonised vocals making the album an interesting listen.

He is constantly writing new songs.  His newly released EP “The no.3 bus home” is more Irish-folk orientated and musically very different from his debut album.  Keeping some elements of his beloved reggae, the new songs are sung in his native accent with accordions and violins hopping all over the mix.  He goes back to his raw roots and explores new ways of expression.

“The no.3 bus home” title comes from getting the no.3 Glenagross bus to Moyross from town because the no.5 Ballynanty bus was so unreliable.  He’d have to walk across Dalgaish Park to get home.  Similarly, these new songs almost take him back home to the northside where he grew up.  Have a listen.


Download “The no.3 bus home” EP here.

If you see Jeffo Nesta advertised to play a solo acoustic show or a full band show at a venue near you, please share it with everyone you know and spread the word.  Follow Jeffo Nesta on Facebook and Twitter or subscribe to his YouTube channel for all things Jeffo Nesta.

Check back here or your local press for upcoming touring details. In the meantime, have a listen to some tunes on this website or treat yourself to some Bob Marley.

Enjoy the music and all the best.